28 February 2016. Abandonment

Dear 3AM Friends,

We invite you to the next 3AM that will take place on Sunday, the 28th of February at Flutgraben
to witness works that have been abandoned by their makers, by curators, by the passage of time, or other stories.

As you know, 3AM is made possible through everyone’s contribution, so we ask you to confirm your participation by filling out this RSVP form: 


The event and its preparation ask how we produce work and what criteria or value we apply to our decision making processes, or the decisions that are made for us. 

Is it possible to abandon something completely? 

Who dares to say of their work, “never again?” 

What does it mean, as an audience, to look at something that has been abandoned?

Dress Code: Red Carpet/Abandonment. There will actually be a red carpet. We do expect you to wear your fanciest clothes that you have abandoned hope of ever wearing. It is sometimes cold at Flutgraben so bring fur!

The entrance will be free.

If you want to invite your friends, please, forward them this e-mail with the link to RSVP form or a link to our Facebook event.

The doors will ONLY be open at 7PM, 9PM and 12 PM for a short period of time and will be closed in between those times. So please, come on time (at 19.00, 21.00 or 23.59), otherwise you won’t be able to get in.

Once all the works are presented, there will be a party until 3am. 

At 3am we will screen the oscars while we clean up.

We are looking forward to meeting you, 

Agata Siniarska
Ana Laura
Ania Nowak
Andre Uerba
Andrea Liu
Arantxa Martinez
Bar Altaras
Bea Rodriguez
Caique Tizzi
Clement Layes
Daniel Almgren Recen
Daniela Lehman
Diego Agullo
Dmitry Paranyushkin
Erin Hughes
Florian Feigl
Ivo Serra
Jasna Layes Vinorvski
Jassem Hindi
Jeremy Wade
Julia Plawgo
Karin Bandelin
Kata Kovacs
Katarina Socan
Kate Donovan
Liina Mariudottir
Louise Trueheart
Lucas Jacques Witz
Maria Mushtrieva
Mars Dietz
Martin Hansen
Mateusz Szymanówka
Melanie Jame Wolf
Nina Kurtela
Rodolfo Acosta
Roni Katz
Sandra Man
Shannon Cooney
Simon Knab
Sura Hertzberg
Victoria Sarangova
Wolfgang Schlegel
Xenia Taniko Dwertmann