3AM Public Statement, February 2018

Dear 3AM Friends,

The 3AM event started on the 30th of December 2014 and after 14th editions it ended on the 30th of December 2017.

We would like to inform you about what happens next.

3AM event series lasted for 3 years and it’s been an amazing time for all of us. It lead to extraordinary and unexpected works, both on the levels of organization and of creation. More than 200 artists, dancers, musicians, technicians, supporters and organizers have been involved in this unusual format and we want to thank them very much for their participation, to thank you as well for being part of this, and supporting it.

Even if we went through major disagreements and decided to end the event, we hope this experience will be inspiring for the creation of further events. Although the core team of the 3AM dissolves, we don’t renounce the underlying reasons that made 3AM happen. We encourage you to take the initiative and to continue the spirit of 3AM now that there’s even more space to do that.

The archive of all the events will stay available on http://3am.events website but this e-mail account will not be operational.

We will also keep organizing events, in different formats and different constellations, and we will inform you about them in due time.

We thank you for this amazing time!

Clement, Dmitry, Jasna, Nina, Sandra