30 December 2015. Anniversary

Dear Friends!

We are celebrating the first anniversary of the 3AM! On the 30th of December it will be one year since our first 3AM. This time again we are coming back with many different artistic proposals – performances, dance, concerts, videos, installations, bar, food and party!

This edition will also feature a special backstage area where you can talk to the artist and exchange ideas. If you would like to be part of that, please, make it known using the form below. Also, as usual, we need help setting up the space, making it look good, running the bar, and !!! a very special crew for the cleaning after-party – there is no better way to post-chill than that! So if you’re willing to join in, please, make it known as well!

As you know, 3AM is an independent event with a focus on giving value to experimentation and local collaboration. Our frame stays purposefully open to allow for any new forms to emerge: combining performance and science, electronic music and durational installations. We like finished products, but we also like testing things out and we have the luxury of being able to fail. We invite different people to collaborate with our chore team every time in making the event possible.

With the support of Flutgraben e.V., Public in Private studio and the Special Agency studio (Polysingularity). Many thanks to all the participating artists!

Am Flutgraben, 3 (atelier house)
(u8: schlessisches tor, s: treptower park, next to arena / badeschiff / club der visionaere)

We thank you for your support and can’t wait to see you again!

3AM Team: Clement, Jasna, Dmitry, Nina


Ute Ringel and Katja Pudor – installation/concert
Maru Mushtrieva – audio/video installation
Mauro Vilela Pietrobon – Performance
Clement Layes with Felix Marchand – performance installation
Jacques-André Dupont & Alessio Castellacci: “Sound Light Textures”
Dmitry Paranyushkin – sythema warm up (5 pm)
Nir Vidan – performance
Nina Kurtela – video installation
Zeina Hanna – video selection
Frank Willens – performance
Jule Flierl – performance
Aleksei Taruts – video
Anna Gzirishvili – video
Martina Ruhsam & Vlado G. Repnik – video
MG Woodbridge – accoustic concert with dance
Joost Elschot – Pizza/performance
Jasna Layes Vinovrski – hosting / performance
cook – Jorge Armando (Taco Kween)
DJs – Local Prophets Crew (Colin Benderitter, Maxime Aƥrịḻe, Dmitry Paranyushkin)


Performances are happening from 7pm until 11pm. The party starts at 11pm.

Entrance free! Attention – entrance every hour: (7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm and last entrance at 11pm)

Please click on this link to see if and how would you like to contribute to the 3AM: http://goo.gl/forms/CbvHpTweci

Looking forward to dance again with you!

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