4 June 2017, Filaments and Voids

Dear 3AM friends,

We cordially invite you to 3AM – Filaments and Voids.

Let’s celebrate together the amazing space at Flutgraben, welcome artistic attractions and distractions, enjoy sound and silence, get together and share an evening of performances, concerts, films, dancing, food and drinks.

When: 04 / June / 2017, starting at 19.00h

Location: Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin
(U8: Schlesisches Tor, S-Bahn: Treptower Park, next to Arena / Badeschiff / Club der Visionäre)
RSVP: https://goo.gl/forms/AyGoFshedkZGOsxm2
(so we know how many people are coming and if you want to help)

Brendan Dougherty
Philipp Enders & Adaline Anobile
Charlie Fouchier
Lisa Hinterreithner
Daniella Kaufman and Karoline Strys
Christian Kesten and choir
Moritz Majce + Sandra Man with Zoé Alibert, Katherine Gorsuch, Olivia Patrizia-Kunze, Sonia Noya, Fausta Scarangella, Sinja Völl
Nikolaus Neuser and Florian Juncker
Sonia Noya
Juliana Piquero, Maya Weinberg, Catalina Fernández, Manuela Schininá
Julia Reidy, Samuel Hall and Liz Kosack
Ilana Reynolds and Ira Hadžić
Daniel Salomon
Lisa Stertz
Entrance free.

ATTENTION! The (orange) door of the main entrance will be open only 5 times for 10 minutes every time: at 19.00, 20.00, 21.00, 22.00 and 23.00h.

As usual, we need help setting up the space, making it look good, running the bar, helping in the kitchen, joining the cleaning team, and being a supportive audience. We are making this experience together, so if you’re willing to help in, please let us know in the RSVP below!
We also ask all guests to fill in the RSVP, so that we know how many people are coming:
RSVP: https://goo.gl/forms/AyGoFshedkZGOsxm2

IMPORTANT! For the first time we will also come together before a 3AM to warm up: The participating artists will share with you their thoughts on what they are going to try out at the 3AM event. This get together is itself a tryout in getting in the mood for 3AM.
When: 01 / June / 2017, starting at 20.00h
Location: Public and Private Studio at Flutgraben, the door will open at 20.00h and 21.00h

3 AM – Filaments and Voids is organised by Katharina Wallisch, Moritz Majce and Sandra Man.
Funded by Senat Department for Culture and Europe.

Supported by Flutgraben e.V. and Public in Private Studio.

As you know, 3AM is an independent event with a focus on giving value to experimentation and local collaboration. Our frame stays purposefully open to allow for any new forms to emerge. We’d like to offer possibilities for artists to make tryouts that could be useful for their artistic works, therefore we’d like to create an environment that welcomes doing, viewing and experiencing art in its on going creative process.

More about the 3AM background and idea you can find here: http://3am.events
Many thanks to all the participating artists!

Looking forward to dancing with you!
The 3AM Team