24 May 2015. Durational Landscape

Durational landscape of different artistic proposals, bar, food and celebration.

important: art happens between 7pm-10pm, after celebration.
entry only every 30min (7pm, 7:30pm, 8pm, 8:30pm, etc.)

Josephine, Emily, Lisa, Ezra, Andrea, Emma, Hana, Hana, Michael,
Lea and Rocio, Regev, Sura, Kata, Lyllie, Miriam, Julian, Uri,
Zinzi and Sheena, Tom, Lingji, Tarren, Marten, and many many more…….

what you might encounter or not:
Information, Quick!, Wait, intuition, companionship, co-habitation,
Fibre, emitter, alchemy, Ninja, mandala, GENESIS, word, object, fuck,
sugar, flow, body, Sexual, Performance, Therapy, Repetition, Slowness,
Tension, Falke, Sturm, Gesang, Labour, play, destruction, radiating,
celestial, tension, Unfolding, Format, Memory, loop, decoration,
description, Standpunkt, Framing, Zeit, cut, out, reality

with the support of Flutgraben e.V., Public in Private studio and the Special Agency studio.
Many thanks to all the participating artists!