Allocation Matrix

Every 3AM is designed on the basis of transparency. We credit the facilitators, the organizers, the artists, the people who help with cleaning, technical support, security, hosting, cooking, bar and sound. Everyone is a volunteer and the lineup of the event includes the names of all the people who make it happen.

We use the Allocation Matrix (below) to track the activities that need to be done in order to make the event happen and to allocate those activities to particular people and teams who take care of them. Every cell of this matrix displays the contribution that every person did for a particular task.

In the end, if and when we have any revenue, it is distributed among all the participants, depending on the number of hours that they contributed at an equal per-hour rate. It will probably not be too much (as so many people are usually involved and the income is quite low), so it is more of a symbolic gesture from the event itself towards your contribution.
If you’re just visiting the event as an audience member, you are also included into the “Matrix” and your support is the time you give to give attention to the work and the money you contribute to make the work of others possible, to pay for the equipment and space.

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