3AM Open Letter to Flutgraben e.V

9 September 2017, Berlin
Attn Vorstand, Flutgraben e.V.

Dear Holger and Vorstand,

I would like to inform you about an appalling case of misconduct that has happened within 3AM event organization. I am informing you about this because it implicates the Senat and our arrangement for the remaining two events at Flutgraben and I think it’s important you know what is going on, so you don’t fall into the manipulation game that is been played by Clement Layes, Jasna Virnovski and Sandra Man (you will also see below how they infiltrated your Vorstand to lobby for better conditions for themselves).

Recently I have learned that Clement Layes, Jasna Virnovski, Sandra Man and Moritz Majce have made an application for more funding for the 3AM event as a separate group, bypassing the other 2 members of the Verein (myself and my colleague) without informing us about their decision (which is illegal according to our Satzung).

Moreover, they applied as a separate group, with the 3AM concept, but not as the Verein, which means de-facto appropriating the whole concept that was created by more than 100 artists and 5000+ audience during the last 3 years.

When I found out about the application and that it had been made, I asked Clement to explain what it was all about. He said that I had to accept working within the new frame, where they would take care of the administration and I could do 1 3AM and have no control over the major decisions (basically doing 3AM outside of the Verein with them controlling everything). Moreover, Jasna suggested that they will also do more “8PM” events – a similar concept but without the party in order to make Flutgraben e.V. “happy”…

When I refused that “offer” (as it is illegal and unethical) Jasna offered to me that I should reconsider because herself and Sandra Man would then in return help me and “back” my Local Prophets event at your Vorstand!

Now I could not really believe my eyes: it seemed like I was watching an episode of House of Cards, but here we go, it’s a complement to your organization that people already start offering lobbying services!
(I can forward you her email so you can see her “offer”)

In any case, of course, I refused that as well, and in return Clement and Jasna (including Sandra who wrote she agreed with everything that Clement wrote) started to threaten me that they will then discontinue all 3AM events whatsoever.

I would like to inform you, that we, the remaining members of the Verein, supported by the community, are not willing to stop 3AM. We want to at least complete the remaining two events that were funded by the Senat to fulfill our commitment and to avoid any scandal. We will also continue with a similar concept into 2018 and will do everything in our power to not let this group appropriate the event and use it for their own gain.

I have already informed the Senat about their misconduct as well as the audience of 3AM and all the artists and network involved.

I hope that you will not allow those individuals to further exploit their position in Vorstand to threaten me further with losing my studio or taking any other action to prevent us from doing further events in the house.

PS This is an open letter which is also published on 3AM website http://3am.events

Best regards,
Dmitry Paranyushkin
3AM project berlin e.V.